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   FDA CFR Compliance

   Tool Movement in
    Manufacturing Managed By

    PC-TOOLCRIB Benefits


   We reduced our consumable
   spend by 40%.

Steel fabricator, Canada

   Thanks again for all your help. 
   You guys are top-notch!

 IT manager
    sprinkler manufacturer

   We purchase over $4 million in 
   non-production materials
   annually using PC-TOOLCRIB.
Purchasing agent
   power tools manufacturer

   PC-TOOLCRIB is flawlessly
   performing over 1,200
   transactions every day from as
   many as 5 crib windows 24/7 at
   our central crib.
Area manager
   aerospace manufacturer







Complete tool, serial asset, gage, shelf life products, and MRO item management for medium to large multi-location corporations with feature-packed flexibility in an elegant, easy-to-follow package.  Simple to use and quickly operational with no annual licensing fees.

Audit Information    Purchasing Order Management    Usage and Spend Accountability    Metrics
   Accuracy    Operational Flexibility    Scalable    Supply & Supplier Management
   Planning      Compliance     Department Accountability    Budgeting    Tracking


If you manufacture, fabricate, assemble, or maintain and repair equipment you rely on a significant inventory of vastly different items to track, organize, cost account and order while trying to lower inventory levels, prevent critical stockouts, keeping overnight shipment to a minimum, and provide high service levels to employees.
PC-TOOLCRIB will accomplish all of these tasks and much more.


    The answer is Yes to all of the questions below.        

      What tools and components are required to make a part and what parts does this tool make?

      Can I reference an existing tool sheet?
      Can I record revisions or changes to a tool and indicate why?
      Does it tell me what my minimum and maximum quantity levels should be?
      Will it tell me what needs to be cycle counted?
      If a gage is out of calibration is it recorded?
      Can I track repair costs for a serialized asset to determine if it should be repaired again or buy a new one?     
      Will it stop me if I try to issue a chemical that has expired?

Can I keep a list of parts needed for each piece of equipment?

Job Site Contractors and Service Companies
Can you tell me what I should have at a job site?
       My service trucks carry inventory so can you tell what each one has been given?

       We are required to keep records of individual serial numbered parts used while it's in service, can it do that?



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