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PC-TOOLCRIB > Extensive Use



    Extensive Usage




  • MRO item cost charged to work orders
   • spare parts and MRO managed and ordered


   • expenditures against budgets
   • job costs
   • know fixed asset and current inventory values
   • receipts against purchase orders

   • tool and assembly usage information can
comparisons for new tool trials
   • check tooling availability when designing tool
   • create tool sheets and setup data in PC-
     TOOLCRIB instead of in CAD drawings where
     data is available to everyone.
   • attach tool assembly CAD drawing to tool kit

  • detailed setup information included on PC-
     TOOLCRIB tool sheet
  • know what tools are in tag&hold area for
  • transfer to shop floor and track entire set of tool
    assemblies as one number.       

 Production Planning
   • check tooling availability against production
     schedule or
“what if” forecasting


 Regrind / Rework
trace regrind tools to outside suppliers with a

know what needs to be worked on first.


   • complete supplier accountability, on-time
     percentages, etc;
   • requisition review to get price quotes 
   • purchase order generation
   • supplier quantity discount schedules

   • eliminate time looking for what's needed to start
     a job
   • see problem areas by what was scrapped
   • department budget versus actual monthly

 Metrology / Gage Lab
   • know what and when gages need to be
   • ISO, MIL, QES, FDA CFR, and other
   • trace who and what it was used on


  Shop Floor
   • view tool assembly components
   • latest CAD drawing and notes
   • request tools be delivered or ready from crib


 Inspection / QA
   • evaluate new purchased assets before
     placing into stock
   • evaluate PPE and other equipment for current


   Construction Project Management
   • know what equipment, parts, and tools are
   • return everything when project is finished
   • cost track lost or stolen
   • track repair costs