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Why Buy from SY-CON Systems
Inventory management is a commitment you will rely upon everyday, and SY-CON's products and support are committed to your success!

Our Customers are Diverse
They are Fortune 500 corporations, small-to-medium businesses, and very small companies. They manufacture all types of products, extract and refine natural resources, make beverages and do packaging, power our homes and businesses, transport freight and passengers, construct large facilities, and some are government agencies.  Such a diversity is a testimonial to the flexibility and capabilities of our products.  The diversity has also provided SY-CON with over 30 years of knowledge and understanding of the needs and operational characteristics of many different and in many ways the same businesses.


Software that fits

SY-CON has never taken the approach that one software package fits every business.
PC-based or cloud-based, minimal requirements or complex and extensive, we have inventory software packages to fit your operations and budget.  Our modular systems enable you to tailor your installation for the present and have the confidence it can be expanded and upgraded when your needs do.

Easy to Use

This is one of the major reasons customers have chosen our products over others on the market. If it's easy to use employees will not get frustrated using it and you will get the benefits you expected. 

Extreme Support

SY-CON is proud of our support - ask any of our customers.  We believe we are the best in our industry.  If it's a technical question or you need help understanding how to use the software in your particular situation, you can just call us.  Our staff will answer any questions no matter how trivial they may seem and provide a clear understandable explanation.  We can even show you online with a webinar.  No support tickets or days waiting for a response.


Just wanted to thank you and your team for all your help with the PC-TOOLCRIB 10 upgrade. I deal with a lot of product support during the course of my daily activities and I wanted to tell you that your team is head and shoulders above the industry norm. The speed in which the phones are answered, the absence of tier 1 scripted questionnaires and the ease with which the conversion error was escalated to the development team all made for a painless experience. Iím blown away!   Also, the upgrade documentation provided with your product was crystal clear.
IT Consultant, Canada


We Listen

Over the many years of software development and publishing we have listened to our customers.  Many of the features have come from customers across all types of industries who are trying to accomplish the same or similar tasks.  Many of our built-in options, such as FDA CFR compliance requirements, are readily available to medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceuticals by simply checking a box to include the feature as an integral part of the software.  We are always open to new ideas and suggestions to promote innovation in our products.  Innovation and customer-centric practices are goals we work towards every day.