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     Data Integration



You may have many types of application software systems that perform a myriad of tasks keeping your business running smoothly.  However, legacy business systems are not designed to perform the types of tasks and features or at the efficiency level available in PC-TOOLCRIB for managing the inventory types in toolcribs and maintenance cribs such as MRO items, supplies, and particularly all types of tools.  The solution that fits best is using these best-in-class applications and integrating their data.  To facilitate this data integration,  SY-CON Systems offers multiple options.

Automatic Bi-Directional Data Transfer and Updating
is an optional sophisticated bi-directional information exchange software system to integrate PC-TOOLCRIB with other software applications such as HR software, ERP systems, internal or external calibration packages, scheduling, execution planning, and accounting systems.  This versatile software fully automates the process of information exchange and database updating between PC-TOOLCRIB and other systems within your company as inbound and outbound data streams.  Once the InBound or OutBound data transfer has been detailed and a delivery days/time selected using the software's graphical planner, DataInterchange will automatically perform the process at the designated times without any manual intervention. It accommodates process such as:

Employee changes and on-site contractor employees obtained from HR system
Calibrations/certifications from outside vendors or other internal software
Business system must maintain inventory levels so purchase orders can be generated using its inventory
          minimums and re-order quantities. 

Receiving done on business system and PC-TOOLCRIB updated with what and how much was restocked,
          or the opposite, PC-TOOLCRIB receives and notifies business system.

Outbound Only from PC-TOOLCRIB
Automatically produce PC-TOOLCRIB historical data in Excel or XML based on a schedule for import and processing by your legacy systems.

Add triggers or procedures to PC-TOOLCRIB's SQL tables to generate, populate, and process the information into your other business systems.

Software apps to automatically send transactional information to MAPICS and to retrieve items received through MAPICS from suppliers to restock in PC-TOOLCRIB.