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PC-TOOLCRIB > Benefits




Some of the major benefits using PC-TOOLCRIB

● Reduce labor looking for tools
● Reduce machine setup time
● Increase machine cutting time
● Improve product quality
● Reduce the number of purchase orders
● Reduce the number of emergency
    purchase orders
● Reduce overnight freight cost
● Know asset condition
● Improve purchasing power
● Better production planning


● Better cost estimating
● Know what your indirect costs
    are per job or per part made.
● Know your inventory value
● Reduce inventory levels
● Know what items are obsolete
● Reduce item duplication
● Know where returnables are
● Increase profitability
● Obtain and/or maintain


For Manufacturers

Reduce Labor Looking for Tools
Tool assemblies are frequently setup (made-ready) several days in advance of the job running.  Foreman and crib attendants begin looking for the tooling to complete the setup. The tooling is somewhere; on the shop floor, in a machinist toolbox, in an engineer’s desk drawer, in cutter grind, on-order, or possibly not even on order. Foremen spend 40-80% of their time looking for tools. With PC-TOOLCRIB your time looking for tools is reduced to clicking a button to find them wherever they are located.

Reduce Machine Setup Time
Incomplete tool packages are frequently sent to the shop floor.  Machine operators spend 20% of their time looking for tools.  If you could reduce the setup time by only 10%, what effect would this have on your manufacturing.  Reduced Setup times means increased cutting time availability. 

Increase Machine Cutting Time
Having the correct tool (i.e. proper insert grade) to run the job will mean longer run-times at the machine with the correct speeds and feeds. PC‑TOOLCRIB also promotes the return of recyclable tools like drills and their orderly regrind enabling them to be placed back into service as a used tool.

Improve Product Quality
Using the correct or new tool will ensure the quality of your machined product.  Engineering has spent the necessary time to specify the correct tool for a job, but too often another tool or used tool is substituted because the specified tool is not available.  Using an incorrect tool can also result in scrapping of the part or increased cost of reworking a part.

For All Types of Industries

Reduce the Number of Purchase Orders
The internal burden cost of a typical purchase order averages $175.00.  If you could reduce the number of purchase orders that you write every month by only three, you will have paid for PC‑TOOLCRIB in less than a year.  Using PC-TOOLCRIB to tell you what needs ordered and from which suppliers not only reduces the number generated each month, but also eliminates the paper work.  The entire process is electronic and paper-less from PO creation, to transmission to suppliers, and receiving.

Reduce the Number of Emergency Purchase Orders
Too often when you need a tool or part the drawer is empty.  PC-TOOLCRIB reduces these stockouts by monitoring your inventory levels and will list items to order and can even automatically place them on a requisition before they become empty.

Reduce Overnight Freight Cost
Frequent next day shipments will become a thing of the past.  Knowing inventory usage and supplier delivery times will allow you to establish proper inventory levels and reducing the number of times you need the item shipped overnight.  PC-TOOLCRIB also can recommend the optimum re-order point (Min) and ordering quantity (ROQ or Max) based on past usage and lead times to further eliminate stock out and insufficient inventory levels.

Know Asset Condition
Has a gage used to check a part quality been out of calibration, is a fire extinguisher beyond its inspection date, what assets are at an outside service company and why, and who has used this caliper.  These are all questions that PC-TOOLCRIB can answer for better management and before an auditor wants to know.

Improve Purchasing Power
If you know what and how much is being used you can negotiate quantity discounts which
PC-TOOLCRIB manages per item.  Have quantities released for delivery over a period of time rather than the full quantity using PC-TOOLCRIB's monthly blanket PO releases.

Better Production Planning
PC-TOOLCRIB interfaces with ERP systems enabling more precise production planning.  

Better Cost Estimating
Knowing the indirect inventory costs for a past job or part will enable you to produce more precise job estimates.

Know What Your Costs per Job or Part
When tools, assets, and MRO items are issued to a job or part you have the exact costs charged and easily report on the detailed expenses.

Know Your Inventory Value
It is a critical accounting requirement to always know the total ownership cost of your inventory particularly serial numbered items which are considered fixed capital assets.

Reduce Inventory levels
Inventory levels are reduced as a result of the normal use of PC-TOOLCRIB.  Reduction occurs through elimination of obsolete items, overstocking, duplication, better service from suppliers to just mention a few. 

Know What is Obsolete
PC-TOOLCRIB tracks a rolling twelve-month period and the past five years of usage. Now you can easily identify what items are no longer used through a standard report listing obsolete items. Removing obsolete items saves storage space and can be sold.

Reduce Duplication
Without PC-TOOLCRIB employees are unaware of what items are currently being stocked and can request the purchase of the same item using a different supplier or manufacturer SKU number. Also with PC-TOOLCRIB’s integrated Tool Standard software provides geometric search capabilities engineers can identify what is currently being purchased and stocked.

Know Where Your Returnables are Located
You currently may not be able to locate your returnables and find it easier to buy more than take the time to try and find them wasting money and increasing needed storage space.  Returnable items are always tracked in PC-TOOLCRIB as to who currently has them and for how long or where they are stored.  Serialized assets can have a number of days limit to help get them back.  

Increase Profitability
Every dollar you save in indirect purchases goes directly to the bottom line of your P & L statement.

Obtain or Maintain Certifications
If your company cannot produce reports, export historical usage data, show proper procedures are in place, and provide detailed information on how assets have been inspected, maintained, and calibrated to satisfy an auditor, then obtaining or maintaining your ISO, MIL-STD, FDA or other certifications can not be received.