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PC-TOOLCRIB > Key Features



     Key Features

PC-TOOLCRIB includes so many features that only a few of them can be listed here.  With an online demonstration SY-CON can show you many more and how it all works to simply manage your situations and requirements regardless of your organization size and industry.


Base System   Serialized Asset Module (PCT-Gage)
  Requisitions on-demand or automatic email     Know what needs calibrated or inspected,
      when, and where it's located
  Chemical and other shelf life products
      Lot control information & expiration tracking
    Tool repairs and calibrations inhouse or
      outside service with work orders and cost
  MSDS data sheets     Record multiple calibration readings
  Free Issue items with fast ordering when low     Trace detailed history
  Flexibility with user defined data and titles     PPE & Extinguishers
  Barcoded label and catalog printing     Rental equipment management
  Unlimited items, kits, suppliers, notes, etc.     Out of Service setting
  Consumable and returnable items     Repair cost total per serial number 
  Maintenance kits, tool boxes, & tool assembly     Calibration/Inspection procedures
  Digital pictures for items, kits, assets, &
    Employee training certificates required to use
      an asset can be optionally set
  Issue, return, credit return,  transfer, scrap,
      cycle count, & receiving.
    Tracks government, employee, or other
      company assets in your possession.
  Track cost & returnables to jobs, job sites,
      job boxes, employees, departments,
      employers, or other definable charge centers
    Re-Inspect or recalibrate cycle frequency on
      days, weeks, months, or years.
  User profiles to limit feature access on log-in     Unlimited Calibration/Inspection history details
      quickly viewable per serial number.
  Mass Import/Export with spreadsheets     Recall based on cycle or total days issued out.
  Automatic reports with emailing     Cannot issue asset if past due date
  All standard reports saved or emailed as PDF,
      Word, Excel, XML, HTML...
Extended Purchasing Module (PCT-Purchase)
  Graphs for visual summaries     Your logo on POs
  Warranty tracking     Multiple suppliers per item
  Department budget management by month     Multiple ship to locations
  CAD drawing for items, kits, & assets    ► Requisition and PO management for stocked
      and spot-buy items fully alterable
  Employee details    ► Send POs as 850 EDI to supplier or email
  Management Dashboard    ► Return Material Authorizations with tracking
  New/Used tools    ► Email notification to employee on receiving for
      requested items ordered.
  Inspect items before restocking    ► Send requisition out for price quote
 ► Drill down searches    ► Set maximum amount limit per supplier
 ► Tool sheets with CNC operation information    ► Full supplier details with your account number,
      etc. for POs.
 ► Detailed and summary history    ► Automatic tracks supplier's average and
     maximum lead time with per item
 ► What's on order and when due    ► Package quantity, Purchase UM, unit cost
 ► Min/Max or Min/ROQ for replenishment    ► POs to regrind/rework services
 ► Recommends Min and ROQ or Max levels    ► Quantity-Price schedules for discounts
 ► Tools to make part & part numbers a tool can
   ► Unlimited blanket POs and monthly release
      quantities per supplier
 ► Consignment inventory    ► Overdue PO items