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PC-TOOLCRIB > Technology






     Barcode Devices
   Add easy to use plug-and-play mobile barcode
   scanners to perform all of your transactions keeping
   your data accurately up-to-date

   ●   PC-attached
        to scan barcode instead of keyboard entry
        Best Use - retail style checkout any item

   ●   Mobile PC/scanners
        with all transactions collected and stored on device
        for later upload/process to PC-TOOLCRIB
        Best Use - when RF devices are not allowed or for
                            remote areas of facility.

   ●   Wireless mobile PC/scanners
         Real-time transaction processing/response or
         interactive real-time processing/response with
         mobilePCT system. Both prevent invalid actions and data.
         Best Use - very best method if RF permitted


     Barcode Printing

   ●   Any laser printer
         labels on Avery or similar stock

    ●   Barcode label printer  
         individual barcoded labels on laminated tape
         stock with aggressive adhesive and scored for easy

       PC-TOOLCRIB supports the integration of all
         SupplyPro vending systems for consolidated
         reporting and optional replenishment from the
         toolcrib or stores.


     Electronic Ordering

   ●   EDI directly to supplier business systems

   ●   Consignment item consumption direct to supplier
         business system.