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PC-TOOLCRIB > Scalable




Designed for scaling, PC-TOOLCRIB can accommodate from one crib with one PC to a complex multiple location inter-connected system containing any of its modules at different or all locations including vending.



One PC in toolcrib, stores area, maintenance crib, or on-site job trailer used by multiple employees to access PC-TOOLCRIB each with their own log-in profile and set of permitted features.


One PC in manager's office and one in toolcrib, stores area, or maintenance crib.


  Expand usage of indirect, MRO, tools, assets, and kits through the facility.

  Add multiple cribs and stores with data access and sharing with any  permitted employees. Transfer any items or assets between cribs.
  Multiple geographic locations with full or partial features  accessibility by permitted employees. Corporate purchasing department can manage product buy requisitions/ POs, RMA, suppliers for all locations. Accounting to track spend, budgets, and inventory value.