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Maintenance Management

  Maintenance = Parts, labor, and procedures to make or keep equipment operative

   SY-CON EM provides maintenance personnel with powerful feature-packed software to make managing
   maintenance activities uncomplicated with work orders for:
   ►Preventative Maintenance     ►Equipment Repairs     ►to Service Companies     ►Facility Repairs
       Designed for Paperless Operation

  How SY-CON EM and PC-TOOLCRIB Lite Work Together

     In PC-TOOLCRIB Lite
      The inventory management strengths of PC-TOOLCRIB Lite are used to handle MRO items, tools, and
          repair kits needed for work orders, and it makes sure they are in stock or orders them when needed.
      Items needed for a WO can be issued from PC-TOOLCRIB Lite or from SY-CON EM and are charged to
         the WO by scanning the WO barcode or entering it.  All item costs are immediately included in the
         work order costs along with any labor costs within SY-CON EM.         
Inventory quantities are decremented on WO issue whether done from PC-TOOLCRIB Lite or
         SY-CON EM.

      Spare parts list can include MRO items and tools from PC-TOOLCRIB Lite
      Real-time drill-down search for MRO and tools.
       Check spare parts and kits live inventory level and if low place on order 

 SY-CON EM Features















  • Timely management of maintenance tasks including scheduled PM, emergency, general repairs, and repair/service requests by employees. 

  • Easy-to-use work order tracking, scheduling, and assigning to employees.

  • Accurate costs for labor and parts charged against an asset.

  • MRO spare parts and tools managed by maintenance or by stores/crib personnel.

  • Ensures all parts are available when maintenance is scheduled.

  • Assists in budget planning by predicting future costs of scheduled maintenance. 

  • Maintenance employees workload at a glance.

  • History of repairs to help determine if its time to replace instead of continuing to repair specific equipment.

  • Know what warranties are in effect, with who, and when they expire.

  • Track and manage repair work orders sent to outside service companies including parts and labor costs.

  • Dashboard to quickly show status and activity of equipment, work orders, and maintenance employees.

  • Schedule PM tasks based on reaching a counter value, a counter interval, and/or time frequency based on days, weeks, months, or years.

  • View equipment downtime, MTBF for equipment, and MTBF for parts on equipment to highlight problematic areas needing correction.

  • Notify department employee responsible for equipment when down/ready/operating and for work order related status changes.

  • Attach an unlimited number of CAD drawings per equipment displayed with included full-featured view-only CAD software.

  • Attach an unlimited number of CAD drawings per equipment with quick display with included free full-featured view-only CAD software from AutoDesk.

  • Email reports in PDF, Excel, and other formats

  • View work order history for same/similar equipment at your other SY-CON EM installations.



      Status Overview Dashboard

    Optionally offered as a package that includes:
    (1) PC-TOOLCRIB Lite, (1) SY-CON EM, (1) EM Service Request, (1) PC-TOOLCRIB Lite Barcode Label Printing Software, and (1) Retail-Style Checkout Scanner or (1) Mobile Laser Barcode Scanner.



        EM Service Request
         Request repairs from anywhere
         in facility

         EM Live WO Update
    Work Order details visible
         anywhere by maintenance
         personnel with clock in/out of
         WO# for labor time tracking




         Barcode Label Printing Software

         Barcode Scanners

          View-only access to tools,
               kits, & parts.
               Request ready or deliver.

         SY-CON EM
               Preventitive and repair
               work order management


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