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    Barcode Label Printing Software

     Barcode Scanners

      View-only access to tools,
           kits, & parts.
           Request ready or deliver.

     SY-CON EM
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Managing a toolcrib, stores area, or maintenance crib requires you to have answers to some tough questions!  How much did we spend last month, last quarter, year-to-date? Where or who used it?  What hasn't been returned?   What are we low on that needs to be ordered today?  These and many more questions are clearly answered with PC-TOOLCRIB Lite. 

Complete tool and inventory management for very small to medium facilities with feature-packed flexibility in an elegant, easy-to-follow package.  Simple to use and quickly operational.  Import tools, parts, employees, and suppliers from spreadsheets, print a cycle count report by storage location, take inventory, and now you're in full operation.  You'll be amazed at the amount of information you never had any idea could exist that accumulates with each day of use.  Information that keeps you inventory organized, reduces your costs, and increases company capabilities.

Use it on a single PC or network it throughout your facility to provide full feature access to inventory information by multiple employees.  Optionally add mobile barcode scanners for easy plug-and-play recording of transactions.

A complete software application for only $995.00 

        KEY FEATURES      

Returnable, Consumable, and Free-Issue Items   Import and Export Data in Multiple Formats
ReOrder On-Demand or Automatic Scheduled &
     send orders by email to suppliers
  Standard Reports saved as PDF, Excel, & Word
Graphs to clarify costs and usage   Extensive cycle counting features
Kits for maintenance, assemblies, or tool boxes   Security log-in with user profiles
Pictures for parts, tools, supplies, etc.   Unlimited suppliers, items, kits, employees, etc.
Handles backordered items   Tracks who has returnable items
Reports item usage and cost by employee   Emails orders to suppliers or optional 850 EDI PO
User-defined data columns   Correct historical data mistakes
Correct/void restocks   Email reports as PDF, Excel or other formats
Credit return unused consumable items   Multiple search methods to quickly find items
Blanket POs per supplier   Unlimited notes for each item and kit
Built in Help   Barcode scanning options
Automatic scheduled database backups   Issue entire kit or selected components
Nouns (like SAFETY) to categorize items   Check-in returnables
Prints stocking/picking lists in location order   Receive by PO#, supplier, or individual items
Complete supplier information including your
     account number.

   When your needs grow you can easily upgrade to PC-TOOLCRIB™ without losing any data


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