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PC-TOOLCRIB Lite > Barcode Scanners






     Using barcode scanners to perform transaction activities to ensure accuracy. 




Mobile Barcode Scanning Devices
This ruggedized scanner can withstand multiple drops  to concrete and are sealed against dirt and splashed water. It has a built-in imager to read 1D barcodes and has a backlit color touch screen.
  • Transactions are stored in the scanner until it is connected to PC-TOOLCRIB Lite. 
  • Review transactions at any time and make corrections or deletions.
  • Data is uploaded and the PC-TOOLCRIB Lite database is updated automatically.
  • Reads all standard barcode symbologies like Code39, Code128, and UPC.

Simple to use.
           Just tap.  Press the button to scan. 

Main menu - tap to select feature.

Retail-Style Checkout
Quick and without touching the keyboard.

Scan employee badge and then the barcode of each item being issued just like at a supermarket checkout.  When finished quickly move on to the next employee.

  • Optional setting to announce each prompt through PC speakers or wireless headset. 
  • Optional setting to print receipt automatically w/wo costs for each employee.

Scan gun connects wirelessly up to 300 feet to base that USB-connects to PC.  Reads all standard 1D barcode symbologies. Does not have a display screen.