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     Using barcode scanners to perform crib activities ensures accuracy. 



Mobile Laser 1D Barcode Scanner
This ruggedized scanner can withstand multiple drops from 4 feet to concrete and is IP67 sealed against dirt and waterproof to 3 feet (1 m) for 30 minutes.  Built-in laser and backlit 3.5" color touch screen.
  • Transactions are stored in the scanner until it is connected to PC-TOOLCRIB Lite. 
  • Review transactions at any time and make corrections or deletions.
  • Data is uploaded and the PC-TOOLCRIB Lite database is updated automatically.
  • Reads all standard 1D barcode symbologies like Code39, Code128, and UPC.

Simple to use.
           Just tap.  Press the side buttons to scan. 

Main menu - tap to select feature.

Retail-Style Checkout
Quick and without touching the keyboard.

Scan employee badge and then the barcode of each item being issued just like at a supermarket checkout.  When finished quickly move on to the next employee.

  • Optional setting to announce each prompt through PC speakers or wireless headset. 
  • Optional setting to print receipt automatically w/wo costs for each employee.

Scan gun connects wirelessly up to 300 feet to base which USB connects to PC.  Reads all standard 1D barcode symbologies. Does not have a display screen.