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PC-TOOLCRIB Lite > Barcode Labels







                                     Barcode Label Printing Software




Separate software app to print barcoded labels using data from the PC-TOOLCRIB Lite database.
  • Prints directly to any laser printer using standard label stock from Avery and others available from any office supply company or to the label printer below.
  • Labels for parts, tools, supplies, and employees
  • Select 1"x4", 1"x2⅝", or "x1" size labels
  • Make duplicate labels
  • Item number or employee number barcoded



Optional Barcode Label Printer

Laminated label printer for producing item or employee barcoded labels created by the PC-TOOLCRIB Lite Barcode Printing Software on 1" high continuous tape.

  • Prints 1-up non-tear labels on white tape stock

  • Standard or more aggressive adhesive option tape cartridges

  • Scores each label for easy peel-off

  • Connects to PC via USB