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Barcode Scanners & Printers  

FDA CFR Compliance






PC-TOOLCRIB Software in the Cloud as a Monthly Service

Barcode Technology

Barcode Label Printing
PCTCloud can print barcoded labels on a standard laser printer using Avery compatible label stock or high quality laminated tape labels on specific Brother label printer models.

Bluetooth Laser Scanner
Can achieve distances of up to 300 feet from the base unit and is similar to those used at big-box stores. Use the built-in Batch Issue feature in PCTCloud to quickly issue items out using this scanner. It can also be used anywhere in PCTCloud and other software products to scan in barcoded data instead of typing.


Mobile PC/Scanner - Batch Data Collection
This full-featured transaction collection handheld PC uses Microsoft Embedded Windows CE and includes a color touch screen, numeric keypad, and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack. Take the PC/scanner anywhere in the crib and to any remote locations. The included docking station which connects to a PC charges the unitís battery pack and can additionally charge the included spare battery at the same time.  The onboard PCTBatch software uses the touch screen capabilities to enable tapping of on-screen soft buttons to perform various features by scanning
or entering data through the keyboard. Your transactions are collected and stored in the device for later uploading and processing within PCTCloud.


As a real-time and fully interactive application, mobilePCT-Cloud provides quick responses and feedback to the user greatly reducing errors and performs immediate database updating As an example: scan an employee number, mobilePCT-Cloud validates the employee number, displays the employee's picture, and responds with their name and department; enter a tool/part number and mobilePCT-Cloud validates and responds with the itemís description. Itís like having PCTCloud on a handheld device, but limited to only select inventory movement transactions and view-only lookups. Your wireless or cell mobile device with Internet access connects to mobilePCT-Cloud and runs the application from the cloud. User logins limit each user to only those features granted by their PCTCloud profile. 

Use any  Windows Mobile, CE 5+, Android, or iOS phone or tablet. If your device does not have a built-in scanner add a miniature or other Bluetooth scanner. .  




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