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More Information for PCTCloud

Barcode Scanners & Printers

FDA CFR Compliance for
Medical Manufactures



   We reduced our consumable
   spend by 40%.

Steel fabricator, Canada

   Thanks again for all your help. 
   You guys are top-notch!

 IT manager
    sprinkler manufacturer

   We purchase over $4 million in 
   non-stock production materials
   annually using PC-TOOLCRIB.
Purchasing agent
   power tools manufacturer

   PC-TOOLCRIB is flawlessly
   performing over 1,200
   transactions every day from as
   many as 5 crib windows 24/7 at
   our central crib.
Area manager
   aerospace manufacturer





PC-TOOLCRIB Software in the Cloud as a Monthly Service

Complete tool, serial asset, gage, shelf life products, and MRO item management for any size company with feature-packed flexibility in an elegant, easy-to-follow package on a monthly subscription basis.  Simple to use, quickly operational, and accessible from desktops, laptops, iPad, Surface, and Android tablets wired, wireless, or cell.  Supports batch collection and real-time attached or wireless/cell barcode scanners.


Audit Information    Purchasing Order Management    Usage and Spend Accountability    Metrics  ●  Organize
  Operational Flexibility    Scalable    Supply & Supplier Management     Security  ●   Planning
  Department Accountability    Budgeting    Returnables Tracking    Calibration w/Recall

PCTCloud Features

General Features
Identify stockouts, insufficient inventory,
     overstocked, over-usage, & obsolete

Chemical and other shelf life products
     Lot control information & expiration tracking

MSDS data sheets
Free Issue items with fast ordering when low
Flexibility with user defined data and titles
Barcoded label and catalog printing
Unlimited items, kits, suppliers, notes, etc.
Consumable and returnable items
Maintenance kits, tool boxes, & tool

Digital pictures for items, kits, assets, &

Issue, return, credit return,  transfer, scrap,
     cycle count, & restocking

Track cost & returnables to jobs, job sites,
     job boxes, employees, departments,
     employers, or other definable charge

User profiles to limit feature access on log-in
Mass Import/Export with spreadsheets
All standard reports can be emailed as
     PDF, Excel, XML, HTML...

Requisitions on-demand
Graphs for visual summaries
Warranty tracking
Department budget management by month
Spend by supplier
Employee details
Management Dashboard
New/Used tools
Inspect items before restocking
Drill down searches
Tool sheets with CNC operation information
Detailed and summary histories
What's on order and when due
Min/Max or Min/ROQ for replenishment
Recommends Min and ROQ or Max levels
Email supervisors of items not returned by


Serial Assets
Know what needs calibrated or inspected,
      when, and where it's located
  Asset repairs and calibrations inhouse or
      sent to an outside service with work orders
  Record multiple calibration readings
  Trace detailed history
Limit serial number days issued out
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & 820 Compliance
Repair cost total per serial number 
Calibration/Inspection procedures
Employee training certificates required to use
      an asset can be optionally set
Tracks government, employee, or other
      company assets in your possession.
Re-Inspect or recalibrate cycle frequency on
      days, weeks, months, or years.
Unlimited Calibration/Inspection history
      details quickly viewable per serial number.
Recall based on cycle or total days issued
Cannot issue asset if past due date


 Purchasing Management
Your logo on POs
Multiple suppliers per item
Multiple ship to locations
 ► Requisition and PO management for stocked
      and spot-buy items fully alterable
 ► Send POs to supplier as 850 EDI or emailed

Return Material Authorizations with tracking
 ► Email notification to employee when
      requested items ordered are received

Send requisition out for price quote
 ► Set maximum amount limit per supplier order
Full supplier details with your account
      number, etc. for POs.

Automatically tracks supplier's average and
      maximum lead time with per item

Package quantity, Purchase UM, unit cost
POs to regrind/rework services
Quantity-Price schedules for applying

Unlimited blanket POs and monthly release
      quantities per supplier

Expedite overdue PO items
 ► Multiple POs per item


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