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Ruggedized mobile PC/
barcode scanner

Ruggedized Mobile WiFi or Cell
w/integral barcode scanner

PC attached Retail-Style
wireless scanner
with up to 300 ft range

Android Tablet & iPad 


Manage your indirect inventory in the cloud

Access and manage your consumable inventory from any browser - anywhere in the world.
More than an ordering app from a supplier, it is a complete inventory and replenishment system.

Managing over $150 million in customer inventory and $4 million in monthly purchases.

How it Works Overview
Cloud-based computing uses the Internet to run the applications securely hosted and available 24/7 from any browser.  Inventory activity is recorded using barcode scanning devices, either real-time or collected for later uploading, or through the various online application pages. As items are issued and tracked to personnel/departments, their inventory level is decremented.  You establish how often and when inetCRIB creates replenishment orders for designated items, and then electronically sends them to each item's designated supplier. When the supplier ships the order, they are received into inetCRIB incrementing  inventory levels. 

You always have full control over the information in inetCRIB. Make any changes necessary to item details such as Min level, EOQ or Max Qty, descriptions, and supplier.  Credit return parts, do cycle counts, and even order non-stock (spot-buy) items.

Online management reports enable you to select the report criteria to show detailed or summarized information on usage and spend by department/employee/job, what's on order, and other reports to help you better manage your inventory.  Print barcoded labels for items to a laser printer on standard label stock or to our supported barcode label printers.

Optionally and for designated suppliers your orders can be sent directly into their ordering system through EDI as an 850 PO.  Additionally as an option when the supplier ships the order you can automatically receive it by selecting the packing list in the Restock feature obtained from an EDI advanced ship notice sent to

 All for one low fixed cost per month using just one user subscription.

What kind of items can it handle?
Any type of consumable. 
 Maintenance, Repair, and Operation (MRO) items   ●    Paper stock and office supplies  ●   Safety items
 Electrical products   ●   Consumable tools   ●   Janitorial supplies   ●   Direct and other indirect materials
   Miscellaneous supplies   ●   Fasteners

Where can the inventory be located?
One or more of these types of locations, either locally or geographically diverse, can be managed and accessed by multiple personnel anywhere with a web browser and secure log-in profile. 
   Maintenance cribs  
●   MRO storerooms   ●   Toolcribs   ●   Service trucks   ●   Supply rooms/areas
   Point-of-use (POU) areas  
●   Sales trucks    ●   On-site trailers

Have an ERP or other business systems doing the ordering?
Front-ending your ERP with inetCRIB allows you to use wireless or batch mobile scanning devices to perform all of your inventory movement activity making it extremely easy to operate and keep your inventory accurate for 1 or more stores.  inetCRIB will then electronically transmit to your ERP or business system all of its transactional data enabling your ERP system to make the decisions on purchasing replenishment inventory.


   Brief Case Studies
A small mid-western company that designs and manufactures molds for plastic injection reduced its annual spend by over $24,000 from just one of its major suppliers in the first year using inetCRIB.  This 6% savings resulted from smarter purchasing using better inventory management information showing charges allocated to each department, better collaboration between customer and supplier, usage data to formulate more accurate minimum levels and order quantities, all from easily accessed  information using their web browser. 

Another western manufacturer has completely eliminated overnight shipment of critical MRO and tools that prior to inetCRIB averaged once every other day.  The tangible savings were over $500 per month not including lost time due to under-stocked critical items.


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